Marczyk Fine Foods, a smash hit.
Marczyk Fine Foods, a smash hit.
Courtesy of Marczyk Fine Foods

Marczyk Fine Foods on East Colfax Closed After SUV Crash

Marczyk Fine Foods at 5100 East Colfax Avenue will be closed today and tomorrow as a result of an automobile accident on the property. An SUV plunged through the front door of the market earlier this afternoon, taking out a light post in the process. The Denver Police Department Tweeted at 12:46 p.m that there were no injuries and that the driver had been taken into custody under suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. 

Marczyk sent an e-mail to its customers shortly after the accident with the following message:

We are happy to report that all our staff and customers are safe after the incident this afternoon at our location on Colfax and Fairfax. Safety is always of utmost importance to us at Marczyk Fine Foods, and we ask for your patience as we make repairs to the store. We will be closed for the remainder of the day today, as well as tomorrow, November 4, 2015.

Here's the message on Twitter from the Denver Police Department (@DenverPolice):

The original Marczyk Fine Foods that opened over a decade ago at 770 East 17th Avenue will remain open while its sibling is closed.

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