Marczyk for Market!

Meaty promises.

Obama! McCain! Udall! Ron Paul! Lois Court! Joshua Sharf! Marczyk!

Driving around Denver last week, it seemed that every other car had a political bumper sticker on the back and every third house had a candidate’s sign staked out front. And as the election season heats up, the number of signs will only increase.

I see so many that I’ve been tuning them out. Which is why the sign on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Dahlia Street touting “Marczyk for Market!” didn’t register.

Marczyk. Isn’t that the same name as the cool little market on 17th Avenue? Is the owner running for something? Is “Market” an elected office I havn’t heard of?

In fact, the family that owns Marczyk Fine Foods, an upscale market, butcher, deli and wine shop at 770 East 17th, is running for something: the devotion of Denver residents, and the idea to make political signs as ads was done in the spirit of fun, says Paul Marczyk. “Go Local. Marczyk for Market. We’re letting customers who want the signs take them home.”

So far, they’ve handed out about forty of the hundred signs that were delivered last week during the Democratic National Convention.

In November, Paul says, he plans to intensify the politicking. “I was going to throw some up in that grassy area in front of Whole Foods in Cherry Creek. So I’ll do that when we get closer to the election.”

Campaign strategy at its finest. -- Jonathan Shikes

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.