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Master baker Keegan Gerhard looks to add more concepts to Denver -- and beyond

"I don't want to over-promise and under-deliver."

Those were some of the first words out of Keegan Gerhard's mouth when I spoke to him this morning about potential new concepts from the award-winning pastry chef, Food Network host and owner, along with his wife, Lisa Bailey, of D Bar Desserts, the Uptown sugar shack at 1475 East Seventeenth Avenue.

Here's the deal: Gerhard and Bailey are currently looking to open a new D Bar concept in Stapleton, but it's nowhere near a done deal, so Gerhard doesn't want to say too much. What he will divulge, however, is this: "There are 12,000 families in Stapleton, and over 400 babies have been born since last May, so I want the Stapleton demographics, and it would be really exciting and cool if we got the space we're looking for, but I don't know if that's going to happen, so I'm keeping a tight lid on it until I know for sure."

Gerhard and Bailey are also looking to open two more D Bar Dessert locations, one in metro Denver and another in Austin, Texas, both of which they'd like to see come to fruition next spring or summer. Around the same time, they're planning to debut a pie, ice cream and martini joint somewhere in Highland. "We're working on a lot of projects, and as soon as I can tell you more, I will," promises Gerhard.

Keep your eyes locked to this space as details unfold.

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