Matty Durgin will commemorate the Boston Marathon tragedy with a classic cocktail

Denver barman Matty Durgin is from Boston, which means the bombings at the Boston Marathon last Monday hit close to home. In fact, one of the victims who was killed was a friend of his and a beloved member of the hospitality scene.

To celebrate his friend's life and to support all the people affected by the tragedy, Durgin is introducing a memorial cocktail effort for May.

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The effort is called the "Ward 8 Gesture," and Durgin is asking that participating bars serve a Ward 8 -- a classic cocktail that originated in Boston -- during the month of May to encourage donations to his cause. Here's a statement from Durgin:

I'm creating and nurturing a little remembrance/fundraiser for the families of the 4 people killed for the (obviously unexpected) funeral arrangements, family travel, and ongoing counseling as they need or want. As I am a Boston-born Barman, blessed with MANY talented friends all over the world, I'm calling on a few of you to help me spread the word. I'm calling this little memorial "The Ward 8 Gesture." It simply refers to the Ward 8 Cocktail, a purely Boston creation, and the gesture refers to a simple remembrance and donation.

I'm inviting bars all over the country to set aside a few hours to serve Ward 8s (or any other drink they please) to remember the innocent people who were harmed, the scores of emergency, support, & military staff that descended on Boston to help those in need and protect the rest of my brothers & sisters. Proceeds from these services will be taken from May 1 - May 31. Donations are welcome as well. These monies will be split amongst the families of the deceased.

Donations will be collected from May 1 through May 31 and will be distributed amongst the families of the deceased victims. Follow the Twitter feed for developing details.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.