Max Mackissock's early exit from Primebar

Early last month, I told you that Max Mackissock, the former exec chef at Vita who'd most recently been putting time in at Cafe Options, had just landed the top job at Primebar, the soon-to-be  hot spot at 1515 Arapahoe Street, in the former Palomino space, that's previewing its menu on Thursday to friends and family and officially opening to the public Friday night.

But while Mackissock, who's been buried in training meetings, dry-runs and mini-tastings all week, will be behind the burners for those first few days of business, he won't be around much after that. "I'll continue to consult here until things get up and running, but my role here is coming to an end," Mackissock said when I got him on the phone this afternoon. "I hired everyone in the kitchen and put together most of the menu, but the style of the food kinda got moved to the middle of the road, and I want to be behind the stove doing things that are interesting and fun, so I'm leaving to go in a different direction."

I'll tell you exactly where Mackissock is heading -- soon -- but in the meantime, Carl Klein, Mackissick's sous at Primebar, is taking over the kitchen. "It's totally Carl's show from now on," said Mackissock.

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