McCormick's Fish House & Bar still pouring...drink up!

When McCormick's Fish House & Bar opened in the corner of the Oxford hotel in 1987, it was an oasis in a lower downtown desert that desperately needed a new watering hole.

Twenty-four years later, LoDo is overflowing with bars -- and McCormick's has achieved the status of an institution. One that's about to get an update...but not as soon as originally announced. When we were sitting at a corner table in the bar on May 20, toasting McCormick's and swapping stories with legendary developer Dana Crawford, who saved Larimer Square and also resurrected the Oxford, we learned that the start of the renovation project had been postponed until May 31.

But yesterday, the bar was still pouring,

And it will be pouring again today...and tomorrow.

According to Tori Harms, the Portland, Oregon-based PR manager for McCormick's & Schmick's Restaurants, working out the timeline for the construction and renovation project has been complex, because of the historic nature of the building that houses the hotel. "Long story short," she writes, "we have not yet set a final timeline for when we will close."

We'll keep you posted as that timeline -- which will involved rolling closures of different rooms at the LoDo McCormick's -- is finalized. In the meantime, both the bar and the restaurant are open for business...and happy hour is just seven hours away.

Drink up!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.