McDonald's: These two aren't lovin' it

People love McDonald's in the worst way. And as two recent incidents show, although there have been billions served by the burger chain, it has not always been happily.

On December 27, a still-unidentified woman completely trashed a McDonald's in Kansas City because she didn't like her hamburger. A 99-cent hamburger. From video of the incident posted online, you can see that she is not one to be messed with. When she told an employee that she wasn't satisfied and wanted her money back, the employee offered a new hamburger - at which point the customer went completely off the deep end. She tossed water over the counter at the employees, pushed three registers onto the floor, and then fled on foot. So now, not only is she out a new burger and/or 99 cents, but she's also wanted by the Kansas City Police Department for damaging property to the tune of $3,000.

Then on January 1, Melodi Dushane went to a McDonald's drive-through in Toledo and asked for some Chicken McNuggets. But since it was only 6:30 a.m., the employee at the drive-thru said that there were no McNuggets at that hour, because breakfast was being served. At that point, Dushane threw a Hamburgler-sized tantrum, punching the night manager through the drive-thru window. IUn response, the manager attempted to pull Dushane through the window by her hair; after he let her go, she punched through the drive-thru's glass window. Unlike the Kansas City crank, police apprehended Dushane; she pleaded not guilty to a felony vandalism charge and was released on her own recognizance. Here is a link to a story and a pic of this She-Devil.

Let's hope that Ronald McDonald enters the witness protection program before either of these women come back for seconds and pummel Mayor McCheese.

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