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McDonald's will soon disappoint SF kids, and other unhappy news

Last week, San Francisco banned toys from McDonald's Happy Meals, which as of December 1 cannot contain more than 600 calories -- or a plaything!

But that's not the only unhappy McDonald's news.

While working at a McDonald's outlet in Brazil for a dozen years, a store manager managed to gain 65 pounds. So naturally, he sued McDonald's -- and was awarded $17,500. Now, that's living large.

Paul Siegfried, the franchise owner of a McDonald's in Columbus, Ohio, is at the epicenter of a voting scandal after he placed political handbills in the paychecks of hourly wage employees. "If the right people are elected we will be able to able to continue with raises and benefits at or above our present levels," the flier noted, "if others are elected, we will not." McDonald's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois quickly condemned this missive -- as it already has a Mayor McCheese on the payroll.

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