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Meat supplier confiscates steaks -- from the plates of diners

A restaurant supplier in Aachen, Germany, has driven a steak through the hearts of carnivores everywhere.

When the owner of a steakhouse there didn't have enough euros to cover his outstanding balance, the supplier sensibly decided to confiscate the meat he'd already supplied that day. He started with the steaks in the cooler, but when he realized that wasn't enough to satisfy the restaurant's debt, he proceeded to remove the moo from the grill.

But that wasn't enough either. So -- after "a furious argument erupted in the kitchen" over the $535 (400 euro) bill -- the supplier then went through the dining room and took the cooked steaks off diners' plates. We can't say for sure, but we suspect no one left the restaurant happy that night -- especially not the wait staff, who we're thinking weren't left much for tips.

The police were called, but determined that no crime had been committed.

If you're ever in Aachen, order the fish.

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