Michael Pollan: The food industry creates patients for the health care industry

Chances are that if you read or watch anything (besides McCommercials) regarding the state of our food system in the United States, it will mention the staggering amount of processed crap we manufacture and the integrity of our diets versus the price -- both financially and physically. Michael Pollan, professor and author of

The Omivore's Dilemma

, who recently appeared in the documentary

Food, Inc.

, has championed the movement to drastically reduce the amount of

"food products"

that are consumed by our society.

Pollan appeared on The Daily Show last night to tout his latest tome, Food Rules, which is full of advice on how we can begin to create more healthy lifestyles by reforming what we shove in our pieholes:

#11: Avoid food you see advertised on television.

But don't avoid television when Pollan's appearing. His arguments have always been well-researched and convincing, but they've taken on a new significance with the pending health-care legislation.

Pollan believes that once health insurance companies are required to insure regardless of pre-existing conditions, it will effect change in our diets. "Suddenly the health insurers will have an interest in your health, which they don't have now," he told Jon Stewart.

Completely ass-backwards? Absolutely. But Pollan has a point.

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