Going, going...gone.
Going, going...gone.
Linnea Covington

Reader: Crazy How Much Tennyson Is Changing for the Worse

Tennyson Street is changing quickly. Over the past five years, an eight-block stretch in the Berkeley neighborhood has become almost unrecognizable, going from a quiet area of modest, single-family homes and old storefronts to a strip of cookie-cutter apartment and retail complexes.

And now the Midwestern Saloon, opened in 2016 at 3961 Tennyson Street by Andrea and Dan DeShano, will close its doors today, February 2. This was one of a handful of comfortable, casual watering holes in the area, and the only one serving up pork tenderloin sandwiches, Juicy Lucy burgers and cheese curds.

Fans have been lamenting the news since it was posted on Facebook January 27. Says Janice:

 NO! Damn it, I love that place.

Responds Libby: 

This literally breaks my heart.

Asks Luke: 

 No more music bingo?

Adds Richard:  

Nice place, sorry to see it go. Turmeric pickled eggs!

Replies Steve:  

Sad. One of my favorite spots. Such nice people and excellent food.

Comments Dori: 

We watched the Vikings game there! Fun place and those cheese curds were amazing!!

Suggests Travis: 

That space is cursed. It’s been four-to-five different restaurants over the past five years.

Concludes Eric: 

Crazy how much Tennyson Street is changing for the worse.

The Midwestern is in one of the older buildings on this stretch, and one that has swallowed up plenty of restaurants over the year. Tennyson Street Barbecue previously occupied the space, and before that it was Big Hoss Bar-B-Q.

And this building isn't the only one to see turnover. The stretch of Tennyson between West 38th and West 44th avenues has been particularly active, but ripples of growth have spread along the cross streets and north of 44th. Berkeley today is not the Berkeley of a decade ago.

What do you think about the changes on Tennyson? Will you stop by the Midwestern Saloon on its last day? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.