Mile High Pizza Pie dares you to eat 7.5 pounds of calzone

Mile High Pizza Pie, 1645 Stout Street, is the latest local restaurant to tap into a glutton's love for gigantic amounts of food and free T-shirts. If you can complete the Great Calzone Challenge and down a 7.5 pound calzone dubbed "The Big One," and drink a large fountain drink in the time span of an hour and a half, you'll get the $20 calzone for free, your picture on the wall of fame and, of course, a free T-shirt that reads "I ate The Big One."

"I've never seen anyone do a challenge like this with a calzone," says owner Howard Ellis. "The only difference between this and the normal calzone on our menu is this one is bigger. It's prepared to be the best tasting calzone in the city."

Contestants can choose any fillings they want and take as many bathroom breaks as needed. "If people think that going to the bathroom and throwing up will help them eat more, that's fine," says Ellis. "It won't."

Ellis says the normal calzones on his menu are two pounds and he has some customers who can eat two in one sitting, so he's confident someone can conquer "The Big One." This beast has been taken down by four guys plowing through it together, but Mile High is still waiting for that special glutton to be the first to tackle it solo.

"We want the challenge to happen," says general manager Dino Marchig. "We want people to finish it."

For more information, call 720-974-9777.

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