Mile High Spirits opens next week

A few months ago, partners Joe Vonfeldt, Chase Campbell and Wyn Ferrell revealed that they were building out a

distillery in a warehouse space

on upper Larimer where they'd make private label spirits for customers as well as their own line, including Elevate Vodka, Pegleg Rum and Denver Dry Gin.

Mile High Spirits

, Vonfeldt said at the time, would also include a massive tasting room and patio and frequent stops from food trucks.

The trio had hoped to open their distillery in January, but they hit a few bumps along the way. "We've been held up by a couple of federal permits, but we've been bottling, and we're very close to opening the tasting room," says Campbell. He points to a couple of minor construction projects -- like a new front door -- that need to be completed, and once those are finished, the space will be ready. "We'll do a soft opening, and then we'll have a series of grand opening events at the beginning of March."

Once the doors do open, the group plans to have food trucks on site Wednesday through Saturday. "We didn't want to do a kitchen because if there's a problem, it risks shutting down the whole distillery, so we're partnering with a few local restaurants," Campbell explains.

And, of course, they'll be pouring their line-up of spirits, too.

If all goes according to plan, Mile High Spirits will start pouring next Thursday.

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