More Yelp tiffs: The Yelp Elite takes on the Yelp elite

Here in Denver, 8 Rivers Cafe owner Wanda James is getting lambasted by Yelpers who don't take kindly to her calling out Yelp for its questionable filter algorithm. And while she insists that she has no problem with the reviews -- and, therefore, no beef with the Yelpers themselves -- she's not the only one annoyed with the website.

A blog called The Yelp Elite is taking on the Yelp elite -- by amassing the dumbest comments from Yelp and posting them online.

The brand-new site already includes such gems as "Third, the coffee is not strong enough. Granted, I had decaf, but it tasted more watered down coffee than actual coffee" and "I was constantly reaching for the salt shaker (which of course contained not fleur de sel, not regular sea salt, not even kosher salt... but regular table salt with it's horrible texture)."

With the sheer quantity of real reviews by real people to choose from, we're betting it only gets better from here.

Submit favorites -- like Jenn Wohletz's list of the five most ridiculous Denver Yelp reviews -- to theyelpelite@gmail.com.

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