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Motor Sport Country Club will soon be serving an elite group of motorsports enthusiasts

Boutique bourbons and vodkas, expensive wines and other liquors will soon begin pouring at an exclusive clubhouse astride downtown Denver. Chances are, it'll never be for you, though.

The clubhouse, located in a warehouse at 970 Yuma Street, will serve as a Denver hangout for members of the Motor Sport Country Club, a race track and resort in the early stages of development east of Denver in the small town of Agate.

The aim is for the club's members to utilize the clubhouse, explains director of sales and membership, Mike Magree. "If they're coming into town for a game or something downtown, it's a place to hang out, but it will also be for local members -- a place where they can store high-end cars."

"Eighty percent of our members are from out of state," Magree reveals, adding that a membership costs a cool $150,000. "Our members are celebrities, professional athletes and Hollywood actors," he continues, counting Denver Nuggets' Chris Andersen and former NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace as among its membership.

Magree intimates that food and drink for the hoity-toity clientele will be nothing short of the best. "I'm going out to Napa Valley at the end of October to tour a bunch of wineries," he says. (While its warehouse-y exterior may be non-descript, from the sounds of it, the clubhouse contains a vault capable of holding 3,000 bottles of wine.)

As far as food goes, Magree says the club is consulting with local chef (and yapping braggart) Daniel Young, a.k.a. Chef D, on putting together a food program.

Magree says he'd like the clubhouse to be ready by this holiday season, but he won't confirm a specific date, and the racetrack and resort are still several years in the making.

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Jessica Chapman
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