Movin' on up: Yanni's at the Landmark

Okay, so maybe the new location for Yanni's Greek Restaurant isn't quite this pretty, but it is certainly a step up -- a move from a slightly rattletrap strip mall on South Monaco Parkway to a space smack-dab in the middle of the Landmark development's throbbing retail heart, right next door to the movie theater and in the middle of all the other restaurants that have put down stakes in Greenwood Village lately.

"We are quite a lot busier," Amy Stavropoulos told me when I got her on the blower today. Since the November 1 move, she said, the new Yanni's has drawn a number of its loyal regulars from the original location, customers who'd moved out of the old neighborhood whom she hadn't seen in a while. And Yanni's has also gotten plenty of foot traffic from movie-goers and the captive audience that lives in the nearby residential towers.

Because of the increased business, she's had to lay on more staff just to keep up. She's had to beef up the wine list, put in more beer taps. The only thing that hasn't changed significantly is the menu, which remains true to what made Yanni's famous in the first place, with beautiful preparations of very traditional Greek dishes that hang with you long after dinner is done.

But one thing's missing: the great lamb that Yanni Stavropoulous used to cook on an open rotisserie grill out in front of the old restaurant. According to Amy, they have yet to get permission from Greenwood Village for an outdoor grill -- but they're working on it.

"Our plan is to do it," she assured me. The rest is only details.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.