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Ms. Colorado Hooters keeps abreast of the competition

The line that snaked around Larimer Square last night was a mix of old men and young women, all trying to get into Suite 200, site of the Ms. Colorado Hooters pageant. And inside, it seemed like everyone who ever was or still is connected to Hooters was in the house. There were also security guards wearing suits and earpieces -- as though they were with the Secret Service.

In the main room, the unlucky masses who'd only gotten a general admission ticket were crowded around the main stage -- the men dressed in rock star T-shirts, the women displaying breasts and thighs that rivaled those on the Hooters menu. The music, a pounding mix of house and some rock, was finally turned down as the emcee, a stunning blonde, introduced the Colorado Hooters competitors to faint applause.

Maybe the crowd was waiting for the main event of the swimsuit completion -- or maybe not enough bottle service had been dispensed.

Then the beautiful women started coming, strutting their stuff across the main stage, then deftly maneuvering their way through the horde to the VIP room in back, where they walked on another runway for those who'd paid more cash or knew the players.

After the initial presentation, bottle service started to pick up and so did the applause. The Grey Goose was flowing like water -- if water cost a hundred dollars a bottle.

As I walked through the crowd, more than a few times I heard a proud parent utter these words: "That's my daughter on stage!" Its always nice to see that a family that hoots together stays together.

And the winner? A hometown girl -- Adiamond Baker from the South Colorado Boulevard store.

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