Mulberries Cake Shop makes a sweet move

Count me in as one of the neighborhood's bitterest complainers when Mulberries, the whimsical cake and cupcake shop in Platt Park, upped and vacated its longtime home at 1570 South Pearl Street and relocated to 2027 East Colfax Avenue. That's a swath of sidewalk close by Lovely Confections, 1489 Steele Street, and The Shoppe, 3103 East Colfax. The fact that Mulberries is now in the same 'hood must really be the icing on their competitive cakes.

In fact, I stopped by the new Mulberries yesterday, anticipating protesters flinging cake batter at the windows (Lovely Confections was once the focus of such sweet missiles), but instead there were balloons, lots of happy people with sprinkles stuck to their lips and free mini cupcakes, of which I had two, because I love cupcakes. I also love the day-old cupcakes, regular-size ones which come nine to a box that costs cost less than eight bucks, which is easily one of the best drug-free deals on East Colfax.

Unless cupcakes are your drug of choice. In which case, I'll see you in rehab.

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