Museo de las Americas Toasts Mexican Drinking Culture with Exhibit Opening Thursday

Beer, tequila and pulque have been a part of Mexican culture for centuries. A new exhibit titled

El Brindis Remixed

, debuting tomorrow tonight at the

Museo de Las Americas

, features photography from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries celebrating

el brindis

-- the toast. The exhibit, which the Museo calls a "playful yet safe look at drinking within the Mexican culture," was originally displayed in Paris in 2000; this will be the last public viewing. Much of the art comes from the circle of creatives surrounding Freida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and from the events during and after the Mexican Revolution.

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The museum will be transformed into a traditional pulqueria that will host beer and tequila tastings as well as a guest lecture from a master of mezcal during the show, which runs through January 16, 2015; the exhibit's opening reception is from 6 to 9 p.m. tomorrow night.

Here are a few photos from El Brindis to wet your whistle for the main exhibit. See our Events listing for more details about the opening.

Continue for more photos from the El Brindis Remixed exhibit at Museo de las Americas.

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