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Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 11

It's funny. I've been writing about food for going on ten years now. I've won awards. I've written a book. And yet, the one piece of mine that's actually been picked up and given wide (although unusual) distribution in national magazines and websites? The one I wrote about aliens--about the alien that allegedly paid a visit to the home of Stan Romanek some years back and the one UFO I had seen personally, a long time ago, down in Wagon Mound, New Mexico.

Needless to say, that one little piece was also rather popular around the office and gave my faithful colleagues ample excuse to have a bit of fun at my expense. The alien head pictured above? For a couple of weeks afterward, I would occasionally see it poking up over the walls of my cubicle while I worked, usually in the hands of managing editor, notorious drunk and known Communist sympathizer Jonathan Shikes.

Eventually, I appropriated the head for myself and mounted it proudly atop my monitor as a warning to any of the other little green men out there. Oh, I have known your kind before, it said, and I brook no fucking around.

Thus far, it seems to have worked. Ain't been probed yet.

At least, not that I can recall...

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