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Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 14

Another day, another weird item from my desk. Although really, the only weird thing about it is that there was anything left in that bottle at all when I took the picture. I don't like cleaning, you see (as should be painfully obvious to anyone who saw the picture of my desk before I was forced to clear it off for an office construction project), and the only thing that can make clearing out seven year's worth of accumulated weirdness and crap even slightly more tolerable? That's right, baby. Little bit of the ol' Irish brain medicine.

Or, better yet, a lot of it. And if you're going to be getting deep into that kind of thing, you might as well go for the best when it's available. And lucky for me, I just happened to keep some of the best on hand for emergencies.

The best whiskey in the world right now (in my not-so-humble and reasonably well-educated opinion) is Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve--, a brain cleaner I got the chance to try not too long ago during a tasting at the Brown Palace held by Jameson Master of Maturation Brendan Monks. And while the tasting itself was awesome (and the company not too shabby, either), the best bit of it happened a few days before, when the good people at Jameson decided to send me a dozen or so sampling bottles straight from the casks. Some of them were Jameson 12-year, and those were pretty good. A couple were the Redbreast (one of which is shown above), and they were awesome. But then there were about four or five little bottles of the Rarest Vintage, and those were just mind blowing.

And much too good to be drinking on cleaning day.

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