Mysteries of Sheehan's desk: Day 2

Because of an office construction project, I had to clear off my desk -- which meant moving seven years of accumulation. Every morning, I'll share another uncovered item with you. This is a Brazilian espeto that I (somehow) managed to smuggle out of a churrasco restaurant downtown.Honestly, I'm not sure how I got out the door with it. Normally, I'd say it would've been easy -- I mean, the thing is essentially a giant meat skewer and if you're the sort of fella who doesn't mind waving one around in public, you can pretty much do whatever you want. At least until the cops arrive. But at a churrascaria, everyone is similarly armed which, needless to say, complicates things a little bit.

Anyway, I can't recall how I made off with the thing. And I can't recall precisely why, at the time, I wanted it badly enough to steal it. But I can say that having my own personal espeto did give me a certain amount of comfort because one never really knows when the zombies are going to show up and, short of keeping a boom-stick at my desk, a meat sword is probably the next best thing.

Or at least the next best thing that won't get me ordered into anger-management classes by the company.

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