Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 9

I have a lot of reasons to hate PETA. They're pushy, they're nuts, they're cultish and, occasionally, they're terrorists. They're positively militant in their defense of all god's fuzziest critters, have no qualms in who they select as the targets of their campaigns (joyously going after women, children and Holocaust survivors with equal vigor). Also, they want me to eat nothing but tofu and bean sprouts all day and think that there's some more noble use for a pig than having it turned into yummy yummy barbecue, which is just crazy talk.

But you know what? They're also occasionally weirdly brilliant in their marketing and, if nothing else, they do make great toys. That bobble-head above? That's Colonel Sanders from one of PETA's anti-KFC campaigns. As much as I can't stand PETA or their wild-eyed ilk, I have kept the Colonel at my desk for years simply because its a blood-covered Kentucky colonel holding a knife and a dead chicken and that, my friends, is what you call a conversation starter.

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