Nectar House Closes Its Doors After One Year

After exactly one year, the vegan cafe and elixir bar Nectar House is closing its doors. Located inside the lobby of the Kindness Yoga Studio on South Broadway, the business was doing pretty well, according to co-owner Piper Rose, but she feels that it's simply time to move on. The doors will officially close on New Year's Day, but on New Year's Eve, Rose is throwing a goodbye dance party.

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By normal standards, the business was doing well. Nectar House is not dying, but Rose is instead choosing to leave and move onto new adventures. "A lot of times, people will just keep doing things because it works," she says. This is a philosophy that she just doesn't agree with.

"Part of what I've learned about maturity in life, on all levels, is knowing when it's time for something to end," Rose says. And for Nectar House, that end is now.

Rose describes her time at the cafe and elixir bar as "the most psychedelic version of Cheers ever," adding that she enjoyed her work and learning from her patrons. "If you stop by long enough, any question you have about the universe would probably be answered," Rose says of the discussions that could be heard at her counter.

But just because she will no longer be running Nectar House doesn't mean she isn't keeping busy. She is also a massage therapist who works with people with physical disabilities through the Chanda Plan Foundation.

"It lights me up," Rose says of her work with Chanda Plan. "Not everyone can do that work. I want to step into that role more strongly."

Although the decision to move on was a conscious and deliberate one, it is not unemotional. "As happy as we are to grow the fuck up enough to realize that it's time for this thing to end, there's absolutely ordinary human sadness of letting go of something that brought so much joy," Rose says. "It was amazing and I'm so grateful for any person who came in or played a part of it."

Be ready to dance the Nectar House away this Wednesday. None of the usual vegan recipes will be served, but elixirs and potions will be provided.

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