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All the Restaurant and Bar Openings and Closings This Week

Federal Coffee looks out onto Federal Boulevard just north of West 23rd Avenue.
Federal Coffee looks out onto Federal Boulevard just north of West 23rd Avenue. James Anderson
Along Federal Boulevard within Denver city limits, there are only a couple of coffee shops, both Starbucks: That's a ten-mile stretch of urban surface street with no locally owned cafes. But our intrepid coffee hunter, Danielle Krolewicz, has been keeping an eye on Federal Coffee, which has been showing signs of life over the past year, and it's finally opening, on December 15, on the northwest corner of Federal and West 23rd Avenue.

While Federal Boulevard has a long way to go before reaching maximum caffeine saturation, Federal Coffee is a promising sign — as is nearby Sun Valley Kitchen & Community Center — that local business owners can make a go of it in less trendy neighborhoods.

Here's our complete list of bar and restaurant openings and closings this week, along with links to our original coverage.

Restaurants and Bars Opening This Week*
Aviano Coffee, 215 St. Paul Street
Blanchard Family Wines, 1855 Blake Street, Suite 120
Federal Coffee (Saturday), 2307 Federal Boulevard
Lou's Italian Specialties, 3357 Downing Street
Paris Crepe, 3926 Tennyson Street

Restaurants Moving This Week*
Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant (from 2010 16th Street), 1710 Pearl Street

Restaurant and Bars Closing This Week*
La Chupaflor, 11 East Louisiana Avenue
Squared Pizza + Beer, 1123 Walnut Street, Boulder

*Or earlier, and not previously reported.

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James Blanchard, Jene Chapanar and Mark Blanchard (left to right) are ready to greet customers at the new Blanchard Family Wines tasting room.
Krista Kafer
"Great News for Wine Lovers: Blanchard Family Wines Opens Tonight"

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A former herbal remedy and vitamin store reopens as Federal Coffee.
James Anderson
"Family-Owned Federal Coffee Will Finally Open on Federal Boulevard"

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The Chinese burrito at Naked Bowl comes with a side of green chile.
Mark Antonation
"Here's Where to Get Chinese Burritos and Breakfast Fried Rice"

Squared Pizza couldn't find the formula.
Concept Restaurants
"Concept Restaurants Closes Its Detroit-Style Pizzeria in Boulder"

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La Chupaflor was located next door to Palenque and shared a patio.
Mark Antonation
"Adelitas Owner Closes Mexican Ice Cream Shop La Chupaflor"

All through 2018, we've been tracking openings and closings, and also sampling new food and booze along the way. The results of all that hard work? Among other things, our list of the ten best new bars to open in 2018.

Over the past two weeks, we've also shared our selections for the twelve best new restaurants and best new places for cheap eats. Looks like you've got some eating and drinking to do!

Meanwhile, have you spotted any openings or closings not on this list? Let us know in the comments or send an email to [email protected]; we're working on our year-end wrap-up and don't want to miss a thing.
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