New Pizza & Pints Festival Puts Two Great Tastes Together
Photo by/courtesy Marco Tripisciano via mondobirra.org and WikiCommons

New Pizza & Pints Festival Puts Two Great Tastes Together

If your idea of heaven is a humungous slice of pepperoni pizza in one hand and a nice, frosty-cold barley pop in the other, you won't want to miss the inaugural Rocky Mountain Pizza & Pints Festival in Louisville on Saturday, July 18. The day-long event in Community Park features ten local breweries and a handful of local pizzerias. Festival-goers will be voting for their favorites, and Best Brew and Best Pizza titles will be awarded at the finish.

Colorado is a world leader in craft beer, but Mile High pizza has long been scorned as flat and flavorless by East Coasters and other trattoria cognoscenti. Meg Denbow, director of communications for Boulder Creek Events, which is putting on the event, begs to differ, arguing that one of the festival entrants is “the closest thing to a big New York slice as I’ve seen out here.” Advances in technique and technology make crusts that are much fuller and flavorful at altitude, she notes, and now regional pies rival their more famed ancestors.

According to Denbow, Pizza & Pints is a more “grown-up” event than her group has produced in the past, including the Boulder Creek Festival and WinterSkate. She sees the festival’s kickoff as the start of a new tradition, the fulfillment of a no-brainer of a need. “Everyone loves pizza and beer,” she says.

Performances by local musicians Rob Drabkin and the John McKay Band complete the picture. The Rocky Mountain Pizza & Pints Festival will run from 2 to 10 p.m. Saturday July 18, at Louisville Community Park, 955 Bella Vista Drive in Louisville. For more information, visit bceproductions.com.

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