New Year's Eve.,..for vegans?

A reader has sent an urgent plea:

I have irresponsibly neglected to make NYE dinner reservations in a timely fashion and now I fear I may have run out of options. We're going to the White Rose Gala, and doing it up black- tie style to boot, so I'm hoping to find somewhere suitable for dinner ahead of time.

Potager is on vacation, Root Down has no availability, neither does Vesta Dipping Grill. I only eat vegan and would welcome any suggestions you can think of. My fiance has no dietary restrictions so it has to be someplace that has great food overall but can do at least one substantial item veg; someplace that would do be able to some non-egg pasta with olive oil, garlic, veggies, hell, even someplace ethnic if it's swanky enough. I'm more desparate than picky at this point, but I do want it to be special.

Watercourse is maybe a last resort, not really high on my list for this type of occasion. Thanks in advance.

Readers? Can you help this tardy vegan with some suggestions?

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