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Nicole Fox, America's Next Top Model, is also À Côté's absinthe fairy

You may know Louisville native Nicole Fox as the recent winner of America's Next Top Model, but did you know she's also a magical green fairy who bestows the enchanting nectar of wormwood to all those reckless enough to beseech her succor?

That's how she's portrayed in new marketing materials, shown to the right, for A' Côté Bar à Absinthe, the slightly renamed wine and absinthe bar at 2245 West 30th Avenue that's run by the same folks who helm Z Cuisine next door. The image, shot by Kristen Hatgi, a local photographer who used to work in Z Cuisine's kitchen, was actually taken before Fox went on TV. Now that her absinthe-fairy persona is finally getting out on À Côté postcards being spread around town, her new-found celebrity will surely lure more folks to the cozy northwest Denver bar for a taste of "la fée verte."

We can't promise that À Côté customers will get a chance to rub elbows with Fox (she's only eighteen, after all), but who knows: After a few glasses of sugar-laced absinthe, they'll likely be seeing all the green fairies they want.

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