Nine best April Fools' Day food pranks culled from around the World Wide Web

In case you're surfing the Internet today and are flummoxed by reports of Guy Fieri winning a Peabody award or a controversy surrounding a dessert app replacing real sweets (not to mention Google officially changing its name to "Topeka")...don't forget to check the date on those posts.

After the jump, some of the best food pranks circling the web today.

Starbucks announced two new drink sizes, the Plenta and the Micra, which are designed to "satisfy all U.S. and Canada customers' needs for more and less coffee," according to their rep, "Hugh Mungis."

Earlier this morning, Slice, a pizza blog, relayed to its readers that, effective immediately, the Naples Tourism Bureau will be underwriting Slice. What does that mean? "Basically, all posts after this one will deal 100 percent with Neapolitan pizza--where to eat it, how to make it, etc. And also that all posts after this one will be written in Italian."

The food blog Alinea at Home, which details one woman's quest to cook her way through Grant Achatz's molecular gastronomy cookbook, pranked readers with her announcement that she's hopping aboard an Airstream trailer and taking her show on the road. Denverites will surely be disappointed that they won't be able to get "Hot Dog Air" the last week in April. Such a prime spot by City Park, too!

Another place we won't be eating: the Green River Brewery. Food blogger Nick got at least a few hopes up by promising a new joint right here in town. Why Denver? "[W]e we figured it's as good a place as any to open a kick-ass brewery," he wrote. Readers might have been tipped off by his assertion that he's "basing a lot of [his] restaurant kitchen knowledge off of the hit TV show Kitchen Nightmares."

Speaking of Colorado, Boulder Beer, one of the oldest microbreweries in the state, announced on Facebook their plans to pump out "Sullys Light Lagar" due to increased demand by fans. The beer would be available in 12- and 30-pack cans for easy carrying, easy stacking, and easy drinking.

Do you think Ben & Jerry's convinced anyone to lick their computer screen in the hope of tasting the "world's first virtual ice cream cone"? Let's hope so.

And we might be able to lay the foie gras controversy to rest by lending a human voice to geese with Google's new Translate for Animals (still in beta).

Even if the thought of the "pineberry"--a designer strawberry crossed with a pineapple--gets you salivating, you might want to postpone your dash to the store.

Finally, if you're itching to pull your own food gag, you might just find yourself motivated by this video, posted by Cake Wrecks. Let's just say a frosted water balloon never looked so good.

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Liz Kellermeyer
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