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No excuses: My genes made me do it

Suzanne C. O'Neill, an assistant professor with the Cancer Control Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University, has co-authored a study whose finding is the non-surprising: We'll use any excuse we can.

Her research found that the least healthy people surveyed excused their unhealthy lifestyles by saying they suffered from a genetic defect. Their health problems were not the result of a smoking habit or poor diet, they said, but due to extenuating circumstances that they could not control.

With over 57 percent of the respondees saying that their genetic makeup was to blame for their eating prefab meals, inhaling carcinogens and sitting on the couch so long that it has an imprint of their ass, it's no wonder that non-regulated FDA wonder drugs are always bombarding our television screens.

O'Neill did take this information to a different level by suggesting that if we are able to give the people what they want to hear about having a possible genetic predisposition in addition, and then teaching them about how to have healthy living habits anyway, they might be better attuned to their own lifestyles.

Now, excuse me while I enjoy this vodka beverage, as my liver is genetically altered.

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