No gin for you! Hendrick's contest postponed

The bad weather has put the Hendrick's Gin competition hosted by the Colorado Bartenders Guild at Lola tonight on ice. I was slated to be a judge, so I'm both relieved and disappointed by the postponement.

The contest has been tentatively rescheduled for November 16. In the meantime, you might want to hit the bars that follow to check out the competing bartenders, and their drinks, for yourself:

Avenue Grill, Randy Layman: The Thinker

Happy, Mark Stoddard: White Thorn

Jax Denver, Tim Harris: Figgle Snitch

Lola, Courtenay Greenleaf: The Hendrick's Sage~Hound

The Office at Blondies (in Colorado Springs), Nate Windham: A Delicate Matter

Colt & Gray, Parker Ramey: The Gin Rose Cross

TAG, Alex Parks: Essence of Pahit

Lola, Sarah Mercado: The Sonoran

Root Down, Anika Zappe: The New Romantic

Jax Denver, Erin Clark: The Terminal

Lola, Jimmy Zanon: Spiced Cranberry Sling Vesta Dipping Grill, Amanda Olig: Autumn's Cocktail

TAG, Jared Boller: The Full Monty (Martini)

Colt & Gray, Kevin Burke: MacMartin

Happy, Nicholas Kropp:

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs: Purple Haze

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