No stuffing the strippers at La Boheme

So your extended family is coming in, and on Thursday you'll spend a historically hectic day cooking, eating, mingling, eating, fighting and napping (and then eating again). To prepare for this festive day, I've got the perfect option for Wednesday night.

 La Boheme Gentleman's Cabaret, at 1443 Stout Street, is hosting a Vixen Fixin' Wrestling event on its main stage on November 26. The club's "entertainers" will be going at it in a mess of candied yams, green bean casserole, pumpkin pies and so on.

And I know what you're thinking: what about the gravy?!? Don't worry, there will be multiple gravy supersoakers to douse the women, even as they wrestle in Thanksgiving side dishes. 

The event will judged by Matt Need from the Uncle Nasty Show, and it will begin after the girls drink enough to disregard whatever remnants of self-respect they may have had. And in the meantime, La Boheme will offer happy-hour frozen turkey bowling.  

So in the spirit of "giving," I'd suggest giving a few singles to these fine young women and convincing them to give you a post-wrestling lap dance, because it may be the most tasty one you will ever receive.--Tyler Nemkov

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