North Denver's Brickyard BBQ shutters, while the Littleton location soldiers on

Just got off the horn with Mark Anthony, the owner of Brickyard BBQ, who shuttered his northwest Denver bastion of Kansas City-style Q on January 1, sending residents in the Berkeley 'hood scurrying to his Littleton outpost at 311 County Line Road to satiate their obsession for burnt ends -- something that Brickyard does better than just about anyone else. The original Brickyard, 4243 West 38th Avenue, is slated to become Bubba Chino's -- the ninth in Denver.

"We were suffering, our sales were declining, and we just couldn't continue to hold on, and hold on and hold on," says Anthony. "People have to support small businesses," he insists, adding that the "big chains are making the mom-and-pops struggle that much more." And the Berkeley neighborhood, laments Anthony, is more apt to support a Mexican restaurant over a barbecue joint. "People in that neighborhood eat Mexican food twice, sometimes three times a week...barbecue, not so much," he says.

As for the Littleton pod, Anthony reports that it's doing well, but like any restaurant in this economy, it could be doing better. "We're doing okay, and we're trying to focus our energies on making this location as good as we can, and while I'm really disappointed about closing the other restaurant, you just do what you have to do."

The Littleton location is open Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed on Sunday. Call 303-797-9255 for more info.

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