Northwest Denver restaurateurs: If you can stand the heat, get on council

If you own a restaurant and have lived in Denver City Council District 1 for at least a year, the Colorado Restaurant Association wants to hear from you.

Rick Garcia, the current rep for that district, is moving on to a federal job, so there will be a special election for the seat on May 4 -- with a March 5 informational session for potential candidates.

"It would be great if we could fill that Denver City Council seat with a restaurant owner/operator," says CRA CEO Pete Meersman in a missive sent today to the group's membership. "CRA's HOSTPAC would be very supportive of a candidate who owns a restaurant."

While the current thirteen councilmembers presumably all eat in restaurants, none have official ties to one. But there's lots of potential in District 1, a great area for restaurants that falls roughly between 12th and 52nd avenues, Federal to Sheridan boulevards (check out the map here). This neighborhood is home to Venue, for example, and Billy's Inn, and Tocabe -- although we don't know if their owners all live within the boundaries.

But if Ben Jacobs, the brains behind Tocabe, Denver's only native American eatery, qualifies, we'd love to see him bring some diversity -- and fried dough -- to council.

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