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Note to the Twitter world: Colt & Gray is closing...but only on Mondays

Ah, Twitter, where rumors spark rumors. Last Friday, @GuruDenver posted a tweet hinting that Colt & Gray, one of our favorite local dining dens and watering holes for pig trotters, charcuterie, cheeseburgers -- which won a coveted Best of Denver award -- and clever cocktails, might be shuttering. And on Saturday night, a chef/owner of a downtown restaurant, who lives a block away from Colt & Gray, echoed the news, lamenting that, come February 1, Colt & Gray would be dark.

So naturally, we contacted Nelson Perkins, the executive chef/owner of Colt & Gray, who called bullshit.

"Thank you for fact checking, because nothing could be further from the truth," insists Perkins, setting the record straight. In fact, he adds, "we're hoping to expand this year -- not go away." The confusion, it seems, stems from the fact that, as of February 1, Colt & Gray will close on Mondays -- and only on Mondays -- although it will be open on Valentine's Day (a Monday) and both Mondays during Denver Restaurant Week. In addition, notes Perkins, "we'll most likely also be open on both Labor Day and Memorial Day for some sort of special event or party."

And, as a cautionary note to tweeters and gossipers, Perkins has this to say: "I hope all the industry busybodies will some day learn to get their facts right."

We'll eat and drink to that.

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