Now open: Bubba Chinos on Colfax

Plans have been in the works for a

Bubba Chinos

to move into the old Fanny's flower store on East Colfax since late last year,

when Leonard Cordova's expanding empire

picked up the lease on the location.

After a paint job and patio renovation, the place finally opened this month.

This spot -- which, by our calculations, makes the tenth currently open outpost of Bubba Chinos (a few have closed) -- is serving up the menu of green chile-smothered burritos that's proffered throughout the chain. Leonard Cordova claims that this green chile is the version closest to the original made by his grandmother, Stella Cordova , who owned Chubby's on West 38th Avenue for decades, until she passed away at the age of 100.

The new spot is walk-up and deck seating only, but the staff says they're renovating the building and hope to have tables indoors tables within a few months. They also hope to expand hours sometime in July.

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