Nutrition guru can't stomach own Power Meal

Irony, thy name is Holistic Medicine

If you're a proponent of alternative medicine, make sure you're taking the correct dosage of tree-hugging meds -- or you could end up buried under the big branch.

Gary Null, a nutrition author and self-described health guru with his own line of dietary supplements called Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal, has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of his own line. It seems the manufacturer put the incorrect amounts of Vitamin D in the diet blend.

In his suit, Null charges that when he followed his own directions for taking two doses of Ultimate Power Meal daily, his body started to go into lockdown. He suffered extreme kidney damage along with various body aches, including blood pooling in his feet, he says.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has the muscle and dollars to keep the feds at bay. Since there are no FDA regulations on alternative meds, herbal remedies or dietary supplements, it is up to the manufacturer to make sure the correct dosage is in the bottle -- and not 1000 times the dose of Vitamin D that Null's proprietary blend had specified. According to Null's attorney, at least six other people have become ill from the tainted snake oil.

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