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N.Z's Smokin' Guns, a Denver food truck, gets hate mail because of its gun logo and name

According to the Aurora Police Department, there is one singular demonic monster responsible for Friday's unthinkable early morning massacre at the Dark Night Rises screening at a Century movie theater in Aurora -- and he's now sequestered in solitary confinement in a jail cell. But it appears that at least one moronic idiot is boycotting a Denver food truck -- N.Z's Smokin' Guns, a benign mobile operation whose name bears the word "guns" and whose logo includes a pair of firearms -- because of said name and logo.

N.Z's Smokin' Guns owner Nick Messer tells me that he received an e-mail via the contact form on his website this morning from a man who wrote this:

Your menu looks great, unfortunately I have decided, after teh events of last week, to not patronize anytning that even remotely suports of glorifies gun violance, as your Smokin' Guns name and logo does. Please consider changing them.

"I was pretty fired up when I get the e-mail. I was like, are you kidding me?" says Messer, who was nice enough not to point out the multitude of typos and grammatical errors in the ridiculous missive, which Messer publicly responded to on his Facebook page.

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Aurora, someone recently sent us an email stating they are not going to patronize our food truck due to our name and logo. We want to respond by saying we appreciate all our followers and want you to know we do not support gun violence just because our logo has guns in it. Hope to see you all out and about this week at our events!

When I spoke to Messer earlier today, he added that he named the truck N.Z's Smokin's Guns "because it's a clever spin on the smoked barbecue theme -- and we serve barbecue." He reiterated: "I don't support gun violence, and to think that anyone would associate us with gun violence just blows me away. I just want to serve food."

Since posting his response on Facebook, numerous commenters have posted their own thoughts, all of which have been supportive and / or incredulous. And for the record, says Messer, "we have no intention of changing our name or our logo."

Nor should he.

Here's a screenshot of the comments.

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