Obamanator gets all political.

Obamanator brings together beer and politics at the DNC

Maibock lagers are a German-style beer, traditionally brewed in the spring and early summer and given a name that ends in “ator.” So even though it’s closer to fall, the folks at Wynkoop Brewing Company decided to make the beer now because they really wanted to use the name Obamanator.

And why not? After all, this country leads the free world when it comes to beverages made from barley, hops, malt and yeast.

The Wynkoop is serving Obamanator in honor of the Democratic National Convention and the election season in general (it plans to have it on tap into November), one of four local breweries that made something special for the occasion.

The others are Avery Brewing’s Ale to the Chief (http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/2008/08/ale_to_the_chief_belongs_in_th.php), Rock Bottom’s Political Ale (reviewed here) and Great Divide’s Liberally Hopped, which I haven’t got to yet.

With a golden red color, Obamanator is lighter tasting, like most of Wynkoop’s brews, but it is very smooth, crisp and has a delightfully even balance between malt and hops.

I liked it much more than I expected to, and on a hot summer day during which the Sixteenth Street mall shuttles were shut down because of protests and riot police, it helped wash away the heat and restore my faith in this great nation. – Jonathan Shikes

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