Obama's Secret Service gets a burger fix at the Cherry Cricket

President Obama may have made the biggest splash during his two-day trip to Colorado at The Sink in Boulder, but Secret Service staffers knew where to go in Cherry Creek North for a late-night snack during the darker hours -- no, not that kind of snack.

As eagle-eyed Westword contributor Colin St. John reports, a suited Secret Service man arrived at the Cherry Cricket around 10 p.m. last night for a big takeout order of burgers and fries. Earlier in the evening, St. John had wondered out loud on Facebook whether the Prez himself would show up there since he was staying just two blocks away, at the JW Marriott. Turns out he was half right.

"The bartender told me they'd been picking up orders all day," St. John says. "I just talked to my buddy who works there, and he said that they were eating burgers on top of their cars and whatnot. I guess the real question at hand is: Did a Cricket burger get all the way to the top of the chain of command?"

Lee Driscoll of Breckenridge Wynkoop Holdings, which owns the Cricket, isn't sure, but he was pretty happy for the business, no matter who ate the burgers.

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