OBar now pouring...but not yet cooking in Cherry Creek

Uh-oh: Denver almost had three OBars. When Dave Query was remodeling the Jax Fish House in LoDo early this year, he thought about nicknaming the place "O-Bar," in honor of its expansive oyster lineup, but decided against it when he heard that another downtown OBar was in the works.

That would be the bar that Cliff Young and his son, Zach, were planning to put into 437 West Colfax Avenue. They went ahead with that plan and opened their new place this past weekend -- but as baRed, not OBar.

That's because there really is a new bar named OBar in Cherry Creek. See also: baRed, and the naked truth behind a bar's name change

It's Charlie Huang's new spot in Cherry Creek, an adjunct to his longtime Chinese mainstay, Little Ollie's, at 2364 East Second Avenue. Huang took over the original home of Noodles & Company., which is right next door to his restaurant, and converted it into a bar; he built a new entrance that leads into Little Ollie's dining room (on the left) and OBar (on the right). And the original bar at Little Ollie's is now gone altogether.

Instead, there's a sleek, bright space reserved for OBar, with a big center bar, an eclectic cocktail menu, high-top seating and plenty of TVs for those who'd like to lounge. If you stop in right now, you can get a drink there, and even order a meal off Little Ollie's menu. But while the place is hiring, it isn't officially open yet -- because the kitchen that Huang built in the former Noodles kitchen, isn't quite finished. When it is, in a week or two, OBar will have its own menu of more casual, American fare.

But no matter where diners sit in Huang's empire, they'll be able to order off of either menu.


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