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Oblio's Pizzeria takes summer home

There is no better spot to be in Denver on a warm, late summer evening than at Oblio's Pizzeria in Park Hill, where Suzanne, the bartender, mixes up batches of perfect sangrias, neighbors walk -- or drive their golf carts -- over for hot, scrumptious pizza, and the patio sizzles.

With only about ten tables outside, and an equal number inside, the place is often packed, but the amazingly friendly staff will help you find a seat eventually.

And since Oblio’s is tucked right into the neighborhood, on residential 22nd Avenue, across from eighty- to one hundred-year-old old brick bungalows and Tudors, sitting on the patio feels like you’re sitting back, enjoying the view from your own front porch.

As for the golf carts, owner Tommy Gilhooly drives one to work and recently bought his wife a second cart -- which looks like a '57 Chevy. After that, two other neighbors started taking theirs over to Oblio's for dinner, and it started a Park Hill trend, Suzanne says. "We take customers home at the end of the night just for fun sometimes," she adds.

And as I found out a couple of night ago, Oblio’s patio is also the perfect place to take in a rainstorm.

Under the overhang and backed up against the building, we turned our attention from the Olympics, being shown on the TVs inside, to the thunder and lightning show going on outside. We admired the torrents of rain pouring down and caught the sudden breezes.

And to top it off, our waitress, who felt bad because my young kids were scared of the weather, brought us a giant hot chocolate chip cookie dessert with ice cream on top.

For that, Oblio's takes home the gold. -- Jonathan Shikes

Oblio’s Pizzeria 6115 East 22nd Avenue 303-321-1511

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