Oblio's Pizzeria wants you to borrow their golf cart for the night

Oblio's Pizzeria owner Tommy Gilhooly and his family have been tooling around Park Hill - and the surrounding neighborhoods - in their two tricked-out golf carts for years.

They go on excursions to City Park, attend charity functions, lend out the carts for community events - even deliver the occasional pizza. And you'll almost always see one of the carts parked out front of Oblio's in the evenings.

"I drive that thing all summer long, from block party to block party, but this is the first time I've thought about using it as marketing for Oblio's," Gilhooly says, adding that the cart is insured and legal on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less (except for state highways like Colorado Boulevard and Colfax Avenue).

"People love riding around in them."

Now Gilhooly wants customers of this little neighborhood pizza joint (6115 East 22nd Avenue) to join the fun by entering a drawing that could land them a free dinner at Oblio's, which boasts one of the coziest patios and some of the best sangria in Denver), and use of the golf cart for the entire evening.

Eventually, Gilhooly wants to team up with neighbors, the Perk Hill Café and Tables, to get a progressive prize going where winners could have appetizers at one restaurant, dinner at the second and dessert at the coffee shop.

To enter, go to www.obliospizza.com and sign up for the newsletter (which Gilhooly started about three months ago). When you receive it via email, respond with your name and phone number and you could be on your way to free pizza - and a cool ride.

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