Mary Nguyen at Olive & Finch.
Mary Nguyen at Olive & Finch.
Lori Midson

Olive & Finch is anything but an add-on to Mary Nguyen's lineup

The restaurants I reviewed over the past two weeks both had names featuring an ampersand: Work & Class and Chai & Chai. For the hat trick -- that's for all you soccer fans out there -- I'm about to review one more: Olive & Finch, Mary Nguyen's fast-casual eatery that's anything but an add-on.

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But that ampersand had nothing to do with my choice of which spot to review this week. The third restaurant from chef Mary Nguyen has been on my short list for months; I was curious to see what would happen when this well-known restaurateur branched out from the Asian fare on which she'd built her reputation to breakfast burritos, sandwiches, baked goods and coffee.

Find out if the food is good enough to score a GOOOOOOOAL! when my review of Olive & Finch is posted here tomorrow.


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