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Olive & Finch Serves a Quick, Casual Brunch

Sometimes, you're just too famished or have too much to do to deal with waiting for a table, ordering or making a whole big ordeal out of brunch. Solution: Olive & Finch. One of my absolute favorite fast-casual grab-and-go spots, this Uptown gem can seemingly do no wrong.

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The 411

With breakfast options all day, every day starting at 7:00 a.m., Olive & Finch bills itself as an eatery, bakery and market, excelling in all. Order at the counter and you're given a whimsical letter block while you wait, either inside or on the small patio. In an even bigger hurry? Phone in your order and they'll bring it to you curbside - how's that for service?

The Scene

Cute and kitschy, O & F somehow achieves the perfect balance of hang out or get out. With high-top, mostly communal tables, it's a small space that's hard to maneuver in, but trendy enough to see and be seen. You'll find yourself at home among gay men and new moms admiring the hand-drawn chalkboard menus, little flower vases and charming antique treasures adorning the walls.


While Olive & Finch has a full coffee bar as well as breakfast cocktails, the real "not to miss" drink is anything from the fancy-schmancy juicer. With a guide to specific health benefits of the various concoctions, these freshly pressed fruits and veggies are complex and pricey, up to $7.50 for 10 ounces and $14 for 20 ounces -- the cost you'd easily pay for a meal replacement. I opted for a fresh-squeezed OJ -- delicious and more reasonably priced than the detox elixirs.

The Food

Staying tried and true, I stuck with the D.F. -- a mess of eggs, pulled pork, green chiles, chimichurri, cheese, potatoes and onions (served as either a beautiful disaster of a skillet or a breakfast burrito)-- because O & F's kitchen makes the best chimichurri in town. Pro tip: ask for extra chimichurri on the side because it's equally good for dipping and because it ups the heat content.

My friend ordered the Green Eggs & Sam; in case you're a visual person, there's no cause for concern -- the dish isn't actually green. Instead, thick foccaccia sandwiches mozzarella, spinach, basil pesto, roasted tomatoes and scrambled eggs. It's not for the carb-shy; in fact, she ended removing half of the bread. Both entrees came with fruit cups, which were a little disappointing -- like we got the bottom of the barrel despite the day being only half over. Still, I always leave happy and with a little salad or pastry from the grab-and-go counter to take home for later -- because it's impossible to pass up all the house-made goodies. The treat this time? Empanadas.

Brunch: it's a time-honored tradition, a mingling of friends over bottomless mimosas for chatting and gluttonous gorging on pancake stacks and egg creations. If your typical Sunday morning debate goes back and forth between heading to the reliable greasy spoon or someplace new and trendy, indecision could have you growing roots in the couch. Meanwhile, wait times at Denver favorites won't get any shorter. So that's where Out to Brunch comes in: In this weekly feature, Lauren Monitz will explore new places and revisit the old faithfuls to help you decide where to go on your next brunch adventure.

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