Olivea opens tonight, Otto's and Pho on 6th already up

Olivea, the joint effort from Keith Arnold and Stephanie Bonin (owners of Duo), and John Broening and Yasmin Lozada-Hissom (chef and pastry chef of Duo, respectively), opens at 5 p.m. at 719 East 17th Avenue, in the former home of Aix.

According to the restaurant's website, Olivea will be "a new look at the tastes of the Mediterranean inspired by the cuisines of Spain, Italy & Southern France. Boldness of taste, purity of ingredients, simplicity of presentation and uncomplicated describes the food. Made by hand each dish showcases the flavors in this area. Olivéa's menu changes seasonally to make the most of the current harvests and reflect the values of ourselves as well as the countries we emulate. Olivéa also celebrates the Mediterranean shared sense of exuberant hospitality and extraverted love of food."

The website also includes a link to press on its grand opening -- which goes nowhere for now. But not for long, we're betting. To reach the restaurant, call 303-861-5050.

Olivea's opening caps an action-packed weekend on the restaurant scene. Argyll made its debut on April 30 at 2700 East Third Avenue, in the former home of the Squealing Pig. Otto's Grill opened the next day at 2200 Market Street, in the spot once occupied by the downtown Brix (yesterday, enthusiastic workers were on the 16th STreet Mall, handing out cards offering free apps at Otto's). And Pho on 6th got its doors open on May 1, too. It's at 1312 East Sixth Avenue, in the space that most recently was Hue Asian Bistro.

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