Oliver's Meat Market to honor cops, including Ranjan Ford

Working in the food industry has its hazards.

Today at 11 a.m. at Denver Police Department headquarters, five Denver police officers will be honored with the Citizens Appreciate Police award. On June 9, these officers responded to Oliver's Meat Market "on the unfortunate report of an employee who lost her arm in a meat grinder," according to a DPD advisory.

"The officers not only saved the life of dearly loved member of our family who is a new mother," a family member told the DPD, "but saved my husband from the grief of facing and cleaning up a horrific tragedy of a loved one."

The DPD officers to be honored: Sergeant Jones Greg, Corporal Christopher Foegen, Officer Gerald Juarez, Officer Danielle Miner, Officer Michael Toney and Detective Ranjan Ford.

If that last name sounds familiar, it's because Ford was the cop who responded to a domestic violence call in 2004, and wound up shooting 63-year-old Frank Lobato, who was lying in bed, holding a soda can -- which Ford mistook for a gun. Ford was initially suspended for three months in connection with Lobato's death, but that was later reduced to fifty days without pay.

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