On DenverBoulderCoffee.com, baristas tell all

Ever wonder what that über-cool barista is thinking while slinging your extra-foamy cappuccino – you know, the cute one who seems to really want to know how your day is going, but is actually just angling for a fiver slipped into the tip jar? Well, now you can find out what’s actually going on in that slick little over-caffeinated head across the counter from you, courtesy of the blog at DenverBoulderCoffee.com.

This is the place where overworked espresso pullers are starting to let loose the secrets to their ancient trade – not to mention reveal how they unwind after long hours of latte art. Don’t believe us? Check out the post on the “Scandal” barista jam held last month at Aviano Coffee, 955 Lincoln Street, which involved a blow-up doll in a Starbucks Uniform and other things that shall not be named. Hey guys, I know you hate Starbucks, but what you did to that poor doll is just plain wrong. – Joel Warner

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