On the Road Again

Chef Michel Wahaltere has parted ways with the owners at Seven Eurobar in Boulder. And though he didn't go into a lot of details on the split, Wahaltere did tell me that his reasons were pretty simple. First, he wanted to create a restaurant -- whereas the majority partner was more concerned with building "a bar scene." And second, Wahaltere was looking at Seven as a model location for an eventual restaurant empire -- lots and lots of little Sevens scattered all hither and yon. And the owners? Yeah, they weren't so much into that, either.

Wahaltere was gone as of February 2, but never one to sit still for long, he's already in discussions with "a veteran lounge owner" in Denver in hopes of "developing an establishment with a focus on eating, drinking and socializing," he said.

While the details of his new collaboration are worked through, Wahaltere is filling his days the way he always seems to: with consulting. He's doing some work for a new Aspen restaurant called Lulu Wilson and, of course, scouting locations in Denver for that mystery lounge.

To be honest, the minute I heard the phrase "veteran lounge owner," about a dozen disastrous names went through my mind. So let's hope that Wahaltere knows what he's doing. After all, he was the guy who came in to open what is now Euro in Cherry Creek and just look at how well that went.... -- Jason Sheehan

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.