One World Cafe unites the realms of veggie-lovers and meat-eaters

Evergreen as a town has a lot to recommend it, from the beautiful lake (ice skating! paddleboats!) to the shopping. Vegetarians might not immediately know where to turn, though, when they're seeking out sustenance in the downtown area -- but there are plenty of options for the non-meat-minded, including the scenic One World Cafe.

The upstairs dining room allows for viewing of the mountain vistas, and although the little cafe only seats a handful of people, the menu showcases breakfast, lunch and dinner options for diners of all persuasions (although strict vegans will have to do a lot of tweaking to find something to their liking).

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The interior is decorated with strings of lights and pictures drawn by kids lauding the food and atmosphere at One World, and each table is decorated with a different Impressionist painting for you to gawk at while you wait for your food if the view outside isn't enough. The cafe fills up quickly on weekends with couples and families seeking a meal, and the bar menu (which includes beer on tap and such staples as Bloody Marys and mimosas made with fresh-squeezed orange juice) is enough to tempt a teetotaler.

Brunch options include biscuits and gravy, chilaquiles, a breakfast burger and the must-have choice for any serious bruncher, the breakfast burrito. One World's version is pictured above; it comprises eggs, potatoes and cheese wrapped up in one of the eatery's handmade flour tortillas and smothered with vegetarian green chile. Connoisseurs of Colorado's green chile might find this version a bit mild, but a dash or two of hot sauce will solve that problem handily, and the burrito is more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest brunch diner.

The huevos rancheros at One World is equally enormous. The kitchen starts with thick handmade corn tortillas topped with scrambled eggs, black beans, vegetarian green chile and cheese. Again, the green chile might seem a tad bland compared to more robust versions available down the hill, but it's nothing a little extra hot sauce can't fix.

You'll also find a parfait, pancakes and omelettes on the One World menu -- some veggie-friendly, some mixed with meat -- all served in portions large enough to inspire a walk through town to burn off some calories after dining.

Brunch at One World is served Saturdays and Sundays starting at 9 a.m.; visit for information.

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